by John Twisleton and associates




A case for God and Christianity


John Twisleton and James Dingemans summarise the 2006-7 survey by Chichester Diocese and Premier Christian Radio gathering 500 reasons for believing in God and Christianity. 7 main reasons are presented both for belief in God and in Christianity linking both to the survey and to well worn arguments from Christian tradition. 2007 4pp



Baptism cover

Baptism – some questions answered


Illustrated booklet on infant baptism used across the Anglican Communion. It explains the commitments involved in baptising a baby, challenges hypocrisy and attempts to clear up a number of misunderstandings in popular culture about what baptism is all about. Published by Church Union 1978 8pp



Christianity cover

Christianity – some questions answered


Booklet for Christian enquirers attempting dialogue between Christianity and its contemporary critics. A brief inspection of Christianity clarifies both its unique claims and its universal wisdom that they may be seen and owned more fully. Published by Fiennes Print 2000 ISBN 1 9032 9001 5 £1.99 42pp



Confession cover

Confession – some questions answered


Illustrated booklet explaining the value of sacramental confession as an aid to spiritual growth. It commends confession as a helpful discipline helping people to overcome sin and guilt as well as a means of renewing church membership. This booklet is in use across the Anglican Communion. Published by Church Union 1978 14pp



Doctoral thesis on Polymer Dynamics


Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the University of Oxford describing the measurement of experimental parameters of the interchain force field of polyethylene and Teflon by inelastic neutron scattering spectroscopy providing new information about the forces between carbon chains in simple polymeric systems. Published by John Twisleton 1973 234pp




Empowering Priesthood

Part 2 Part 3


Book about the ministerial priesthood and its role in helping to form the body of Christ. It argues that the choosing and sending of priests is vital to the momentum of mission and that their representation of Christ as priest, prophet and shepherd is given to help build love, consecrate in truth and bring empowerment to the whole priestly body of Christ. Published by Tufton Books 2002 ISBN 0 85191 044 0 £4.99 44pp




Entering the prayer of Jesus


Audio CD and booklet prepared by the Diocese of Chichester and Premier Christian Radio providing spiritual wisdom from across the whole church. Contains audio contributions from Pete Greig (24-7 Prayer), Jane Holloway (Evangelical Alliance), Christopher Jamison (Worth Abbey), Molly Osborne (Lydia Fellowship) and Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury). Published 2004 by Tufton Books ISBN 0 8519 1096 3 £8.95 31pp






Firmly I Believe


Double CD and booklet engaging with objections to the creed, sacraments, commandments and prayer in forty easily digested presentations accompanied by reflective music. Firmly I Believe is suited to both Christian believers and enquirers as a resource providing answers to arguments against Christianity. Published for the Christian Evidence Society, Chichester Diocese and Premier Christian Radio 2007 £8.95 (RRP) from Christian bookshops or online at





Forty Walks from Ally Pally


A walk book subtitled ‘a practical handbook for seeking space in north London’. It explores the byways of Haringey, Barnet and Enfield with an eye to green spaces, local history and refreshment of the spirit. The forty walks vary in length between one mile and twenty miles exploiting the public transport network. Published by Fiennes Print. ISBN 1 903290 00 7 £4.50 58pp


Frequently Asked Questions

A radio series answering objections to Christianity every Saturday 2.30pm on Premier Christian Radio at It seeks to address the common every-day questions that Christians face and answer these in a down-to-earth way that equips believers to share and defend their faith. The programme texts are available online by going to the Chichester diocesan faith sharing website which links to the Premier community site facilitated by Chichester Diocese.


Healing –  some questions answered


Booklet analysing the current situation in the healing ministry which includes suggested ecumenical forms for healing services. It answers questions about divine intervention, credulity, lay involvement, evil spirits and the healing significance of the Eucharist.  Published by St Pauls 2000 ISBN 0 85439 585 7 £2.99 36pp




Holbrooks History


Illustrated booklet compiled by members of St. Luke’s Church, Holbrooks in Coventry about their parish and its church. It describes a multicultural community that has welcomed Irish, West Indian, Eastern European and Indian workers over the last century. The book includes dramatic pictures from the Second World War when the community and its church suffered bomb damage. Published by St Luke’s Church, Holbrooks 1996 ISBN 0 95288929 0 1 £3.95 90pp




Meet Jesus – a call to adventure


Published by Bible Reading Fellowship Meet Jesus is a book about the Founder of Christianity aimed at engaging our reason, inspiring our faith and worship, deepening our fellowship and service, and bringing new depth to Christian witness to the world. Each chapter ends with some practical points for action and the book concludes with a section of discussion material for groups. ISBN 978-1-84101-895-9 £7.99



Moorends and its Church


Illustrated booklet telling the tale of the Doncaster suburb of Moorends from the sinking of the pit in 1904 to the 1984-5 mining dispute under the theme of death and resurrection. It includes a community survey of the needs of the elderly, young people and recreational and spiritual needs. Published 1985



Speaking up for Jesus


Double CD and booklet with six 20 minute discussions involving Steve Chalke, Cindy Kent, Nicholas King, Michelle Moran, Amy Orr-Ewing, John Twisleton, David Winter and Lindsay Urwin engaging with moral, historical, intellectual and psychological objections to Christian believing. Published for the Christian Evidence Society, Chichester Diocese and Premier Christian Radio 2005 £7.75 and available from Christian bookshops or Premier via